Browns and Brews Fest & Big Sale!

Browns and Brews Fest & Big Sale!

Browns and Brews Fest & Big Sale!

This Saturday in Craig Montana we have the 2nd Annual Browns and Brews Craft Beer Festival.

Browns and Brews Fest & Big Sale!Craft Beer Fest!

Breweries Red Lodge Ales, Mighty Mo from GF, The Front Brewery from GF, and Eagle Beverage will be in attendance for this grand occasion. 4-8pm is the Fest with Live Music from Rocket to Uranus on Izaak’s Log Jam.

Serving up beer with your $25 entry fee benefitting the Community of Craig Civil Improvement Fund. The DeYoung art glass will keep you in the beer while Izaak’s serves up Smoked Pork Sando’s and various other goodies all day long.

Live Auction at 6pm in-between dancing sets on stage. Guide Trips and some other awesome items. A silent auction will keep you busy too. Fun times in Craig this Saturday all afternoon.

Headhunters Demo Rod Sale

It is the time of year when we clear out the demo rods from our demo rod quiver. Both single and 2 handed rods from Sage, Orvis, Echo, Epic Glass, Loomis, and more. Come on by and get in while these rock bottom prices on our demo rod selection last!

Lots of folks have taken advantage of these prices and you should not miss this chance. Rodas go on Sale Saturday until they are gone.

The sale lasts all weekend long.

Saturday Half Price Fly Sale

Yep. Once again Headhunters will give you chance to fill your boxes with HALF PRICE FLIES! You like inexpensive flies? Yes, we do too. Why not get some of your favorite streamer patterns for half price. how about some hoppers to get you through the next couple weeks? Tiny Micro Mays for your short leash-op this fall? Stock up at Headhunters this Saturday Only!

Summer Sportswear Sale too!

As we move out of summer into fall we must make room for the warmer side of softgoods. T’s, hats, fishing shirts from Howler Bros, SIMMS. Logo’d HH shirts, base layer, fishing quick dry pants and so much more.

We gotta get it out so come by and save big!

Other random items too from fly lines, to tippet, to god tubes and more.

Big Weekend in Craig Montana

Holiday weekend in downtown Craig Montana. Fly Sale, Craft Beer Fest…all in your favorite trout town!

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  • Steve Ruszczyk
    August 30, 2016 6:39 am

    Hey Mark. Love me some half priced flies. Does the sale include online fly purchases for out of towners? Fishing the Mo in October and might as well stock up. Thanks!

    August 30, 2016 8:51 am

    This is off the wall but what’s happening at the frenchman n me? when i was the there mid june someone had the door open and working on it. see you next week.

    • Cliff. There was a sign on the Frenchman window stating, “Annie’s Place Opening April ’17” for a while. Now that is gone. Soooo…have no idea.

  • Too much history for the Frenchman NOT to re-open. Preferably as ‘The Frenchman ‘n Me’ but simply open again. Used to go there in mid-80’s when my folks hung out in the area all summer. Speaking of mid-80’s…did I see a “Parrothead Flies” sign hanging behind HH shop? I seem to recall a “dude” tying flies in a custom made lounge recliner in a,little shop back then. Could it be?

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