Check out the Big Brain on Ben!

If you cruise around our shop, you’ll notice we like 2 things:

1. Fly fishing products that are useful, well made and and incorporate exceptional design.

2. Things that make us laugh.

From the creative mind of Ben McNinch comes a product that ticks both boxes, our new “BMF” Amadou Boat Patch. It’s big, the size of a leather wallet, and looks a lot like the billfold of Jules Winfield, the notorious and well educated hitman from the movie Pulp Fiction (played by Samuel L. Jackson).

We love Amadou, and use it to dry out our flies after they get slimed by a fish. As a natural material it has incredible absorption properties, but does not last forever (do not let it sit in standing water!). And because it’s expensive, it comes in small pieces. So we end up replacing it often. The last time I was in Marks boat, I counted at least 3 Amadou patches floating around.

So, Ninch solved the problem by having full sized custom “boat” patches made that will definitely last longer (if you don’t let them sit in standing water). They will also handle larger flies than the standard Amadou patch. It’s a useful, well made product, so check box #1.

Adding the custom printing from the movie makes us laugh, so check box #2. Well played Ben.

Below you’ll find a censored image of the product, and a size comparison between our standard Amadou patch and the BMF version.

These custom patches are very limited, so if you want one get it now! Amadou is not always available, so when we’re out we tend to be out for awhile.


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