Craiglandia. Sunday. January. 2020.

Craiglandia. Sunday. January. 2020.

Craiglandia. Sunday. January. 2020.

Big day for the Seahawks. Gotta beat the Packers.

Gonna be tough inside Lambeau today. Snow on the ground.

It’s tough in Craiglandia this morning too. Snow on the ground. Temps plummeting into the too cold to fish region.

All week long it will be awful. But e will be in and out of the shop answering the phone, booking summer trips that will certainly be warmer and way more enjoyable than this January winter week.

If we don’t pick up the phone, we will call you back. When the mercury dips into the No Freaking Way zone, we are less apt to stand in that tiny fly shack.

Craiglandia will live on. Happy Sunday. Go Hawks.


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