Dead Flies Don’t Swim Video July 5th

Dead Flies Don’t Swim Video July 5th

Yep. Trico’s. Shot late July a few years back.

All the regular things apply here. First cast. Good drifts. Great presentations. Deead drifts…etc.

Because, dead flies don’t swim bro.’


Enjoy this flick today. Hotter that hell today and this week ahead. Fish early.

Good caddis action for the evening session. But a short window.

It feels like we are fishing inside a convection oven. Cooling towels could be important. And lots of water. Drink water. Lots.

Or die.

Loving July. Let’s hope the water temps don’t spike, the weeds don’t inundate us with weed-dum, and the air temps return to seasonal norms.

I’d fish now. The time is now.

Remember that fall is on its way and you should think about booking your lodging and guide trips to get them locked up. September and October are just around the corner.

How about visiting in November this year. Quiet, fishy. Lodging available, guides available, no pressure on the river.

How about giving way to the two handed game and get your Trout Spey on?

It’s an idea. Plant it. It will grow.

It’s July, and we are not even punchy…yet.

Dead Flies Don’t Swim by Scumliner Media today on the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog.

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  • Marty Thomas
    July 5, 2017 2:20 pm

    Watched it “again” booking my flight today for Early Sept!! Will bring the HH Crew Kona Coffee and Mac Nuts…. Aloha!

  • I heard on the news this morning that you guys had an earthquake that woke everyone up for miles. People reported their dogs knowing it was about to happen. I wonder what the fish felt?

    I hope all is well in Craig – will be there Saturday to enjoy dry heat and fish, hopefully lots of fish.

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