Fly Tying Efforts

Fly Tying Efforts

The regular gang was at the shop Wednesday night for Fly Tying Night In America.

Ninch, Sara, Kurt, Dewey, Braden, Rick, Mark T, John, and Mark. A few beers, some homemade Hummus, a few chips and salsa, and several vises.

Every second Wednesday for 5 or 6 sessions every winter. Social fly tying is our program. No structure, plenty of bullshit, and a few laughs.

That outlines the Headhunters winter path. No pressure.

See you for our 4th session coming up in two weeks February 24th @ 6.

Until then tie up some killer summer patterns at your own tying desk.

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  • John Smitherman
    February 14, 2016 6:10 am

    How about a “Just Add Vise” for the Stocking Wing Caddis?

    • To make the wings for the Stocking Wing Caddis, you use hen neck feathers, transparent tape, and spray adhesive. They you cut them out by hand or using a punch. It would be tough to put together a kit that included everything necessary. It is a great fly though! If you decide to tie some up and have any questions about the pattern, let us know.

  • Looks like a great night and lots of great patterns. Wish I was there

  • I fished (nymphed and swung) the jalapeno popper in the photo the other day. 15 takes, 8 releases. It was surprisingly durable although the light wire hook bent 4 times which attributed to some hands free releases.

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