Friday Goto Sara & a Pot of Dry Fly Gold

Friday Foto Sara & a Pot of Dry Fly Gold

Friday Foto Sara & a Pot of Dry Fly Gold

We are still a couple months from daily dry fly activity on the Missouri River here in Craig Montana.

But each day we get closer.

Water levels for the summer are looking normal. At least so far. Way too soon to predict the winter, late winter, early springs and spring precipitation quotas.

But we do know that May brings us bugs that like to spend time on the surface. And the remainder of the season. Save for September.

Why not September? Those damn small micro BWO’s drive me mad. And some anglers too. Generally pretty good ny ph bite in September though.

June and July are the big dry fly months. Get your name attached to a cabin now. Or a guide. Or anything that requires a reservation. Still a bundle of lodging out there, as we do represent 35+ rental properties. Why go to VRBO when you can come to the source at

Look at Craig Trout Camp properties too. Brown Cabin, Rainbow Cabin, BWO, PMD, and Trico Cabins on site here in Craig. All sleep two with microwaves, coffee makes, and a small fridge. Look at the Sutton Place and the Craig House for larger parties that include kitchens and the like!

Sara is also looking forward to summer. Bird season is over and the next big happening is the emergence of aquatic insects. Bring it.

We will have to wait for a bit for the mega hatches. But there are a couple midge fish out there daily. Consistent? Nope. But they do rise occasionally and sporadically!

February will bring a few more midge for your dry fly pleasures.

Then March, April…

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