Friday Weekend Missouri River Fishing Forecast

Friday Weekend Missouri River Fishing Forecast

Water flows: 3440cfs. Low. Not gonna get much higher this year.

Water Temps:  47F-48F. Normal. But it is moving up and down a bit. Loer flows equal greater opportunity to change like this. Bugs and fish moving in this temp. Medium to fast water holding trout. Will stabilize this weekend. Rain in the forecast.

Bugs in Play: BWO’s, March Browns, Midge. All subsurface, BWO and Midge on the surface. Have seen a few March Browns on the water. More to come. This week for sure. Also saw one Mother’s Day Caddis Thursday. One. Also more to come this week ahead. Dry fly game should improve in the coming two weeks.

Streamer anglers will be happier with the overcast skies. Streamer bite has been pretty good. May is the month for big brown trout on the Mo. If you like the big pull, toss the streamer. Much has been said about the streamer selection at HH of Craig. All true. 150 plus streamer patterns at your disposal. Well stocked. Ready for you to peruse, and use! Intermediate tips are in huge, but the dry line gang will be catching up as the spring and summer flows will be lean in 2021.

The Dry Fly guys are seeing a few. Not a lot. Stop, plan, and execute. Patient anglers catch more. See bugs above.

Nymphers still utilizing the winter fare, along with the spring fare. Sows, scuds, firebirds, worms, BWO’s, March Browns, Caddis, PMD’s, Midges. YEs, the time of year is near where many, nearly all, the nymphs in your box are in play. The depth game is variable. But the most consistent anglers are still using a B split shot with 4′-6′ of distance between bobber and weight.

The entire river is playing well. Dam to Cascade. Lots of anglers out  there on sunny days. Displaced anglers from the rivers that are running a bit high due to the warm and seasonal weather around the state this last week. But those rivers are coming back into shape. While there will be some pressure this weekend it will wane beginning of next week. Late May, June and July are busy months here in Craig.

Swingers? Oh yeah. Best results still with bigger flies including streamers. The soft hackle can will be happier when the fish begin to eat emergent insects.

Sage Sonic in stock if you want a great rod at a mid price range. Fly rods are scarce this season. Stop in this week and get yourself a great one from Sage. Order it up online and get it front end of next week!

Weather? 62F Friday rain at 1/2″ winds West 15-25. 49F and rain Saturday. 47F and rain Sunday. Next week 50’s and 60’s.

Shop open early and late 7am-7pm. Shuttles all day long including afternoon shuttles that Headhunters exclusively has the lock on. Dearborn River Shuttles daily as well. $75 at 287, $100 at Hwy 200 and at Bean Lake.

Izaak’s open Wednesday thru Sunday 4-9pm. Shotgun Annies open for lunch and dinner. The Wolf, sandwich and ice cream shop open in WC.

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