Game On. The Missouri River Report.

Game On. The Missouri River Report.

It’s a go. The dry fly fishing is a go.

Great PMD Hatches daily. The Caddis are gaining strength, the Sally’s too. Drakes? Soon. Saw some midge and some Psuedo’s today. The rain will bring a few Callibaetis as well.

Just a smattering of insects to choose from. Leave your other boxes in the truck making sure to have plenty of Fly-Agra, GINK, Aquel, Frog’s Fanny, Super Power Fly Floatant, Shimi-Shake, Shimi-Shake Spray, Top Ride, Loon Dust and the like. Amadou too.

Not as much pressure as you would think during the week although the Henry’s Fork Crtowd has arrived…what does that tell you about the Fork? Yah, something we’ve known for years. You rarely hear Mo River Anglers saying something like “I think I’ll head over to the Fork this weekend. Just too many rising trout here on this dry fly creek. I’d like to stand around more…”

In fact, have yet to hear anything like that.


Game On. The Missouri River Report.

Same stuff on the end of your line. Crips, emergers, spinners. Caddis too. Some skittering behaviors exhibited int eh canyon. The lower as well.

A big weekend upcoming. Bob Lay’s Memorial on Saturday. BBQ Friday Night to honor Bob and to kick off the real summer opener and the dry fly bite. He loved to fish dry flies! We may have shortened retail hours on Saturday to attend his party. Keep it tuned in here for the update.

The fishing weather was perfect Tuesday. Calm, muggy, overcast. Buggy too. Check out the forecast for the rest of the week and you will see what a perfect storm looks and feels like. Cool at night with some rain, then mid 70’s during the day. Yep, perfect.


Stop in for Smith and Costa Sunglasses, kick ass sungear, an awesome and Craig leading women’s department, flip flops, sandals, sun hats, the best in flies, shuttles, coffee, info, smiles…open daily at 630 and open late too!

See you in Craig this weekend!

Hot Weekend Tip: If you want to eat at Izaak’s, go early to beat the crowds. Eat at 4pm til 530 pm and fish the late evening bite. Miss the food crowds and the fishing crowds. 2 birds, 1 stone.


Game On. The Missouri River Report.
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  • Thinking of JustBob today as this is the day of his birth. I loved dry fly fishing with Bob , he was the best! Looking forward to celebrating his life this weekend with family and friends.

  • one request, hold over that forecast and current behavior for 19 more days please…… thanks

  • Sounds Awesome!! it was great running into you on the river over the last couple weeks….didn’t quite get my fix, so I will see you this weekend and coming week!

  • Terry Armstrong
    June 25, 2014 9:37 pm

    Went fishing last Monday it was one of the best days on the Missouri I can remember in 30 + years. Caught about 20 fish all on dry flies and all but a few where spot and stalk. I used the same fly all day until the last fish. The last fish I caught refused the fly I was using twice. I changed to a soft hackle but he wanted nothing to do with it. Then I changed to an emerger and he took it on the 3rd or 4th cast. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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