Montana Guided Spey Trips

Guided Spey Trips

Requests for guided two-handed Spey fishing trips on the Missouri River have been on the increase. We’ve actually done some the past few seasons, but have not formally made it an official part of our guided trip packages. Until now.

Beginning November 15th and running through March 15th, Headhunters will be offering Montana Troutspey Trips on the Missouri River. These trips are designed for both experienced and rookie two-handed casters, as our focus will be on catching fish.

(If you want to spend hours talking about shooting head theory and the merits of touch-and-go vs. sustained-anchor, we recommend that you attend our free Spey Casting clinics, a much better forum for discussion)


Our winter Spey Trips will run you $400, and includes all equipment, and a light lunch. Expect trips to run about 6 hours. If you already have the proper gear (anything up to a #7), we recommend you bring that. We will be offering an unconditional refund for weather cancellations, so don’t worry about the “too cold” factor.

Our “regular” winter floats trips will also be $400, so don’t feel like you’re locked into Spey fishing.

If you want to know when the best time to come is, we typically experience our very best two-handed swinging during November, December and early January. And I mean very, very good fishing.

We do have lodging available as well in the winter.


A little advice here. I’m seeing quite a few anglers trying to turn this into a version of Steelhead fishing. They are throwing 8 weights with big sink tips and giant blue and purple intruders right out a winter Steelhead box.

This is not Steelhead Fishing, and we are not trying to make it that. If you want to catch some fish, listen to us and your guide. You need to impart some action to the fly. You should be mending downstream. You need to use flies that represent something trout eat. You need to fish the right water.

If you’re obsessed with Steelhead, go Steelheading (or check out Instagram, you can live it virtually there).

These trips are about learning how to use a two-handed rod to pursue trout, especially in the off season. Enjoy that.

Give us a call if you’re interested in booking a Troutspey trip this fall/winter.

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