Headhunters Fly Shop Reach Cast Video

Headhunters Fly Shop Reach Cast Video

Watch this if you want to catch more fish on the Mo.

Great PMD fishing the past 2 plus weeks. The caddis are coming in strong. Skittering around en masse yesterday, even on the upper. Been low for some time. Yellow Sally’s? Soon. Not always a concern of ours though. Trico’s? In a couple weeks, or less. Valhalla very soon.

Practice this Reach Mend before you get here. Lots. And lots.

You will only employ this cast 99 out of 100 casts on the Missouri River.

So, pretty important here.

Otherwise, you can practice casting near and around the fish rising. Eating. Waiting for the fish to inhale the fly.

Ben Hardy says…

“This is the show. Practice at home where practice should be done. Fish well when you get here. That is what pro’s do. Practice on the front end.”

You could use another slackline cast as well. Or just this one. The Reach Mend.

It is pretty important. If you want to catch fish here. Utilize it. Often.

99 of 100 casts.

Headhunters Fly Shop Reach Cast Video
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  • Gordy Dempsey
    June 27, 2019 7:18 am


    Perfect timing! Coming next Tuesday. Great tune-up video.

  • I love the reach cast! We used it on the Henry’s Fork last week on three different stretches and it worked well on the nervous Rainbows and Browns!

  • We love the reach cast. We used it on the Henry’s Fork last week on three different stretches to the nervous Rainbows and Browns. It helped make our trip very special.

  • I guess it’s Sulphur time there soon. Swisher/Richards captive dun cannot pierce the surface film from below and are thus made most vulnerable to feeding fish. Our imitations float on that same surface film from above and cannot pierce it from above. Never underestimate the value of spiraling copper wire up the body of the fly, that will allow it to pierce the film-the fly body is his to see the fly wing yours. Hey, all you fishing guides, I know it’s gonna get crazy busy out there soon–don’t forget to get out there and fish-after all isn’t that what you originally came for? And Mark, I read what that Kevin guy said but don’t worry no matter what they will never hate you as much as they used to hate Mr O.P. when he got there. Happy dry fly.

  • The Reach Cast clip – one of my all time favs. Effective teaching. “There’s a nice Rainbow ….” I view it every year multiple times Envision success and Deploy it – long and short – and win.

  • Fishing from above and using a reach cast presents a mayfly dun pattern tail-first to the fish compared to the naturals that almost always face downstream. Wouldn’t an ultra-selective trout reject an ass-first dun? Maybe that’s why the buzzball is so effective – no head or tail to confuse them. Let me know if I’m off base here.

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