Headhunters Weekend Fishing Report Missouri River Montana

Headhunters Weekend Fishing Report Missouri River Montana

The weekend looks good. While winter is over, spring is still around, and summer has still yet to set in.

Bring your rain jacket, your fleece, and some sort of warm hat if you headed out for the day. Waders still have not worn out their welcome.

As I mentioned yesterday or the day before the PMD’s are coming soon. The BWO’s are still around, remarkably. And they are making a difference in the afternoons. Look for them.

The PMD and Caddis fare are popular subsurface along with T-Beaded Worms and Scuds. The Rainbow Czech is glued to many rigs all 12 months.

Emergers, cripples, and spinners are the all stars when tossing dry flies at rising fish. Blind dry fly anglers are putting up numbers too. Some. The fish are not everywhere, but they are somewheres. Sometimes.

Streamer anglers dong well enough.

BBQ tonight at the fly shop about 5pm. We will see you there. Or here.

Headhunters open at 7am daily for all your trout fishing needs of all things Missouri River, Blackfoot River, and the Dearborn River too. The whole gang is around for guiding, rigging, bullshitting. We got rot gut coffee as well. Free of course.

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