Hump Day, Halloween, October River Scene

Hump Day, Halloween, October River Scene

Hump Day, Halloween, October River Scene

Doesn’t feel like Wednesday.

I cannot put my finger on how I feel this Halloween ’18. Indifferent may be the closest mental definition.

But probably more like scrambled.

A good way to start a fall day…

In GF getting oil changed in the Suburban. Tire rotation too. Writing this at Perkins with an omelet. They don’t have Bailey’s for my coffee though. That must be where the confusion stems from. No Irish Cream for my brain to float in.

Picking up a few items for the store, a bottle of Bailey’s, and then headed back to the shop. Sara will line me out from there…

I certainly will bring a couple bags of candy to get the kids all hopped up. Sugar, America’s most available drug. More folks are on the sugar than the (insert drug of choice here) fly fishing bug.

Nobody on the river. It is nice. Lots of the HH staff are out daily swinging flies. I stripped medium sized wet flies all day yesterday with my guest Mark C. and had real good success. We fished the RIO InTouch Single Hand Spey line WF5F/H/I. I will write a review this week sometime so you folks can get a glimpse of something pretty cool for fishing single handed rods with light streamer type fly lines. A solution to the eleoda weeds just below the surface? Maybe?

The October River Scene is beautiful. I like this image. A perfect for for the last day of October. The leaves are gone. This image from about ten days ago. Tomorrow is the first day of our winter color palette. The 3 are grey, tan, and brown.

It reminds me of 1970’s rollneck or turtleneck colors…

Halloween, Hump Day, River Scene
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