Late July & August Missouri River Fishing Forecast

Late July & August Missouri River Fishing Forecast

Late July & August Missouri River Fishing Forecast

Today we bring you the late July & August Missouri River Fishing Forecast. One thing we know for sure is that the last week of July is gonna be hot.


August is not historically as warm as July. July can be really warm and we are looking forward to it passing. Bring on August.

Get out early and get it done. Beat the heat by getting on the water as soon as you can stand it. The Trico hatch is a morning show. Sometimes the fish get on the emerger. Sometimes they get on the dun. But they always get on the spinner. The spinner is your window of opportunity. Stage up in your spot and make it happen.

Make accurate casts and you will be rewarded. So often I see anglers guessing the fly out there. In fact most of them are just doing that. Tossing it without purpose. Find some purpose and zone in on the trout. Get the distance to the fish and drift over him repeatedly. Perfect drifts catch the most fish. Many of us drag that fly around for the first few drifts before getting serious about catching him. Get serious right out of the gate. The enemy does not know you are in the neighborhood until you alert him of your presence.

After the Trico spinner fall you have a few options if you are a dry fly angler. You can blind fish a caddis our there and see what happens. Or you can tie on an ant and blind it to the sexy water including seam lines near the shore or you can certainly find them in 18″-36″ of moving water as well. Sometimes the fish are into that sort of thing.


Late July & August Missouri River Fishing ForecastNot as many caddis flies this calendar year. But, the fish do love a caddis fly. Good success with fishing one these as your lead fly. You can see it and the fish love it.

Evenings at the dam and below Wolf Creek have been good that last couple hours. Or not. Depends on the day. The wind does knock down at some point and you can enjoy a few fish towards twilight.

Downwinged patterns seem to work the best. But some good eats on the ones that float! So you will have to be the judge of your pattern choice. Remember that if it does not work within a time limit you set, change it!


Hopper fish all the way home. Tie on that larger or smaller hopper and wait for some sort of brown trout response. The trout here can sip the hopper in. It is not always a crash or splashy take here on the Missouri River. Sometimes the fly just disappears. We like the smaller Morrish or the smaller Mongo or anything purple or pink. Don’t disregard green either.


For the nymphing gang many like to go the Crayfish route in late July and August. Trail a small techy nymph behind the larger fly and get after it. The Rubberleg is another hot tip.

The dam seems to be the place to nymph during this late summer time frame. Many start up top and stay up there. Or do two floats in the same day. Others roll through and fish all the way to Craig.


Late July & August Missouri River Fishing ForecastWeeds can become an issue in the water column as in late July and August. It is a annual event for us here on the Mo. You can get on board and help us figure it out by joining Our local conservation organization. They will move through sometime in September. And then on to October which is one of our favorite months! Book now for your October dates. September too!

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