Late November Missouri River Fishing Report

Late November Missouri River Fishing Report

Late November Missouri River Fishing Report

All is well here on the Missouri River. The first holiday weekend is behind us with the even bigger on ahead. Between now and then we should see continued decent fishing before we dive headfirst into the true winter months.

The water temperature is 40F. That is good. Will it hold in this range for much longer? Certainly through the weekend ahead. Are you coming to our Free Spey Clinic this coming Saturday or Sunday? Spots available by calling 406-235-3447. I think Sunday is the day with openings.

Late November Missouri River Fishing Report

Anglers are fishing from the dam to Cascade. Had guides out this lat week fishing from WC to Prewitt Creek. And it was good all the way through those reaches.

Fishing more of the winter type flies as we move into the last month of the year. Ninch’s Bubble Yum, Rainbow Czech’s, Amex, Pink Lightening Bug, Red Zebra, Black Zebra, Pink Worms, Red Worms, Firebead Ray Charles Pink, Soft Hackle Tan FB, Bloom’s FB Rainbow, Tailwater Sow.

Back end buckets and inside slots are the key for your bobber game. Rig 4′-6′ and stay in the water that make you uncomfortable. Slow and stale will be the key when we drop too much below the 40F mark. You can find some fish int he medium slow stuff too. And in some medium pace flows.

Swingers are getting them in skinny water still. Leeches, streamer patterns on the smaller size, black, black and red, black and blue, olive, olive and black. Soft hackles as well in the 10-16 range. No need to go too small. Those fish are looking for action out there.

Boat ramps are clear. The water temps are fine. The wind has been nasty. Headhunters open daily 8am. Shuttles available all year long. Killer holiday deals int he store. The best in Spey Gear. The winter fly selection is stocked and ready for action. SIMMS gear, all kinds of winter hats, gloves, layering, rain gear, and more.

See you soon on the river. Or call us for live trout chat anytime!


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  • Hey Mark~ What type of underwater structure are you referring to as “buckets”? Thanks! dan

    • Depressions, undualtions, depressed holding water for trout, quick drop offs. That kind of thing Dan from Ohio. Holding water, feeding water, not hiding water.

  • Thank you Mark, that makes sense! Can’t wait to get back out there, not many trout here in the Buckeye state… dan from ohio

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