Missouri River Fishing Report Weekend Update

Missouri River Fishing Report Weekend Update

Missouri River Fishing Report Weekend Update

All good heading into this April weekend here on the Missouri River.

Izaak’s is open, the BWO’s have arrived for real, Midges abound, and the sun is shining.

I understand the Oasis is open all days of the week as well. Joe’s Bar? 8-2am daily.

Headhunters Fly Shop daily 8am til 7pm. Later if there are a bundle of folks in town partying. For sure.

Missouri River Fishing Report Weekend Update

Nymphing is good. Although you can bump into some difficult days. Yesterday was a bit harder than the previous week. Did we get some int he net. Sure. But certainly not like taking candy from a baby.

Split shot is coming up more often that the last few months. Faster water, faster sink rates, and the ability to anchor the fly subsurface is key. A heavier fly allows you to mend against itself as well. Improtant for some,a nd not as much for others.

The mayfly nymphs coming on strong. LGM, Lanier’s Lucent Bead BWO, S & M’s, and Peep Show are amongst the favorites. Zebra’s in many sizes and colors are fishing well. Firebeads, Pink patterns, worms, Caviar Scuds, Amex, Rainbow Czech, Tailwater sows weighted and not seem to be big favorites.

Dry Fly Fans are skulking around this week. Looking for BWO action for the most part. Some sporadic midge fish are out there in the inside and occasional leeward shore. Cripples, emerges, and duns are what seem to be the hot fly choices. Come by and see our wide selection of post colors for that Adams fix. You gotta see it to fish it.

Streamers? I see some fishing them strong. I hear that the bite is not all that terrific. I have not fished them recently but you cannot stop the streamer contingent from chucking and ducking. The high and bright sun has not helped the trout lay up in the common streamer lies.

Weekend Weather? Warm again today and cooler tomorrow. Then back to the hi 50’s and lower 60’s for the week ahead. We should like to order up some clouds and calm and cooler weather please. Why not have a good BWO bite this coming week.

Spring Special is in full swing here at Headhunters. Several guides out daily with folks gobbling up the spring pricing. $350 Guide Trips. Lodging starting @ $125/nite. Kick ass dinners at Izaak’s. Treat yourself to a mid-week fly fishing excursion to knock the rust off your casting arm and soak up some fly fishing fun.

We are having a ball here in downtown Craig this spring with the sunny weather, the chance to see familiar faces, and the Missouri River fly fishing bug!

See you in Craig very soon…


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