Missouri River Fly Fishing Report 11.18.16

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report 11.18.16

Gonna be on the cool side this weekend and cold today.

Winds from the  south and southwest should not be too offensive. Too much sun for our liking but still have not figured out how to change the weather. Maybe December will bring us some winter like weather?

The plan is to fish later, not earlier. That has to be your plan. Too cold int he mornings for a great bite. Reports from other anglers and straight outta my mouth indicate that sleeping in late is the best bet.

Has been that way for some time. Will not change for quit some time. Run some errands, tie some flies, have that 8th cup of coffee, call your folks, fry up some eggs…whatever you need to do to to let the trout warm up.

Nymphing can be better fishing deep. High and bright sun may drive them deeper for a longer period of time. You can go shorter as the day progresses. Sows, scuds, worms, mayfly nymphs. midge patterns. We have not been rocking the winer favorite pink yet but that is coming. We’ll stay away from the winter fare as long as we can.

The streamer bite in the afternoon is pretty good. Fish it strong until the light comes off of the water. For weeks now that has been the best period of the day. The last two hours are good. The last hour has been really good.

Seeing more two handed rods out there than the single handed angler. Why? Tis the Swing Season. Come by for all the knowledge and gear you amy need for swinging up a few fish this winter. See what it is all about at Headhunters. We have  all of the latest gear for you to try, buy, enjoy.

The blind dry fly fishing has not been all that good. But it is much better as the day progresses. Stay strong. You can also find a few rising in the soft edges here and there. And they are tough.

The weather will be warming as the weekend passes. But not much above 50F. The wind will keep you company too. The water flows are 3690cfs and the water temps are 49.5F. Not terribly cold yet. It will come, maybe in Decemebr.

So take advantage of the unseasonable temperatures and fish for a spell this weekend. We’ll be here keeping warm in the shop from 8-6 daily.

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