Missouri River Fly Selection

Missouri River Fly Selection plus 400!

Spring on the Missouri River means greener grass, Midges, Baetis, streamer fishing, and movement at Headhunters Fly Shop.

Did you just add 400 more fly bins? You changing the store again? Don’t you guys ever rest? Are you bringing in more Missouri River specific fly patterns?

Yes, yes, no, and yes.


We are damn excited about the new and additional fly bins in store now. Our good friend of TroutNV.com fashioned the first bin, then the second, and now our third. Will we bring in more? Erich said no thank you. He truly hopes we are happy with the number we have now…1200 bins. That should be enough to get you through your Missouri River visit.

Missouri River Fly Selection plus 400!

Missouri River Fly Selection plus 400
New fly bins at Headhunters Fly Shop

Look Erich up at TroutNV.com for any logo’d items that you can conceivably think of. His web site is full of cool items for gifts, marketing, and self aggrandizement. You see his work on our Thermos products, acrylic fly bins, in store signage, Hydro-Flasks, coffee cups…

Come in check out the new flies coming in daily as Ninch has been working on this project for nearly a year now. His foresight and planning should help you this spring, summer, fall..into perpetuam.

We will harbor a jillion killer nymph patterns, a bucket of dry flies, the Mo’s most streamers, and hopper flies coming out of your ears! You just gotta see it.

Do you fellas have still more changes coming in 2014? Really? You guys are continually moving forward…

Yes, yes, and yes.


We look forward to the year ahead, seeing you folks here on Montana’s Missouri River, and enjoying a cold one on the most famous porch in Craig.


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  • Looks impressive guys.
    Most of the fly shops down here look like they were setup yesterday…not much to get excited about really.

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