Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.16.15

Good to great November fishing here on the Missouri River. Fantastic nymhing and swinging and some out there swinging the little soft hackled ones too.

The best in the nymph game is to head down the sow and scud road. Choose a big one and a little one. Most are leading with a larger Firebead like the ubiquitous Rainbow Czech in a 10 or a 12. How about Bloom’s Weight Fly in the FB Rainbow coloring. If you like to add the split shot your options grow like weeds in the summer. Then you can toss any type of larger sow/scud combo. Yes, most are leading with a larger fly up top.

Clark with his first Mo River Rainbow

For the tail fly the sow/scud is good too. A smaller sized 14-18 pattern is a a good choice. Some are tossing the BWO nymph as well. Pretty hard to beat a Little Green Machine or some sort of skinny derivation thereof. Black, red, rusty, grey purple, and olive flavored midge patterns are finding some fish daily.

Dry fly anglers are finding fish on leeward shores in the afternoon. Some BWO’s, Pseudocloeon’s, and midges of a thousand varieties are out there. Not in any huge numbers though. Search and ye shall find.

The dry fly game has been really quite difficult. Longer leaders and smaller tippet sizes are most certainly required in most dry fly situations.

Streamer fishers are chucking daily. Lots of this enthusiastic crowd around this last weekend. Some nymphers, a few DFO’s, with boat and bank big fly guys making up the majority. The weeds are not an issue as we are following up a not too weedy summer with this lower water late fall. Dry lines and intermediate tips are the most common. Both unweighted and weighted streamer can work. Find your water type and address each fishing mystery accordingly.

Don’t forget about the swingers. Every day I see more than a few 2 handed fellers out there. It is pretty common to witness a number of anglers in the winter months casting in our great swing runs. Again the water is on the shallow side so the Scandi set is all over it. The Skagit gang is doing well with either a floating tip or an intermediate set-up with un-weighted or lightly weighted patterns respectively.

Headhunters is Montana’s choice for Trout Spey. We stock all of the lines, tips, leaders, reels and rods for your Trout Spey adventures. Give us a ring if you need any info in regards to this two-handed game.

Lots of folks around this last weekend specifically on Sunday for late fall fishing. We have rental units in Craig beginning at $125/night. A great way to spend your weekend here fishing the MO. Lots meaning a few boats on the river. Solace mid-week is a given.

Water flows in the low 3K range. Water temps dropping predictably now as we move into the latter half of November. Should remain normal for the time being. I think the water managers are holding water now for the anticipated lack of winter here in the Rocky Mountains. I think. I am no meteorologist or water planner. Just sayin.’

Shop open daily 8am-6pm. Winter rates start today with guided trips @$400 and Craig Trout Camp cabins beginning at $125.


P.S. The fish on the upper river are huge. The Rainbows are big. Honest.

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