Missouri River Montana Weekend Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Weekend Fishing Report

The weekend us upon us and the weather is warm. Time to head out fishing to your local river or lake, or to the Missouri River. It’ll be fun!

The fishing report will be short and factual.

2 spots left for the Sunday McCune/Gould Spey Clinic. $200/head for some world class spey and 2 handed instruction. Mark will be BBQ’ing up some killer lunch and snack items during the day while the fellowship is sure to be great. Cast on both sides of the river with one on one instruction from both Mike and Whitney. A do not miss event to get your 2 handed cast in tune!

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

I ran into another local outfitter today and he wanted me to mention that the dry fly fishing is tough. Not a whole lot of fish rising. But there are some. He believed I had mislead you, the reader that the dry fly fishing was ‘on’. It is not ‘on’ per se, but there are fish rising toward the evening periods. Get out at noon and float til dark. You’ll see some busting midge balls as they float down the river. If you stay out late, you will see them. An Adams towing a Buzzball should suffice.

So one or two fish during the day will be the norm until it is not the norm, it is the exception. Those tossing the Skwala all day long have been pretty quiet. Blanksville I think is the address.

The nymphing was better today as the fish seemed like they would cooperate more willingly. Boats from the Dam to the tiny ‘burb of Cascade. Sows, Czechs, Ninch’s Pink Selection @ HH, FB’s, Worms, more PT stuff. The normal from the last couple weeks. Any number of midge pupa’s as well. Lots of good options for flies this weekend!

Longer from bobber to split than you are comfortable doing. 7’+ is the norm. A split or two to get you there.


Headhunters Fly Shop open daily @ 7:30 am and open late for that evening float you will be doing this weekend. Or knock off early to day at work and come down to the river.


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  • Not to argue with a guy I don’t know… Just wanted to tell you from a casual reader’s perspective that I never got the impression that the dry fly fishing was “on”. Maybe I’m cynical when I read fishing reports but I generally feel like you guys are better than most at calling it straight. Cheers!
    p.s. it is nice that you guys give reports so frequently.

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