Missouri River Tuesday Fishing Report

Missouri River Tuesday Fishing Report

Missouri River Tuesday Fishing Report

The mercury tipping ht escapes at 62F today. The warmest day since the middle of November? October? Sure was nice.

Same weather tomorrow and then headed into a stormy period Thursday and Friday with up to 6″ of snow and cooler temps. The weekend looks great for springtime anglers.

Our Spring Special starts on the 15th with $400 guide trips. A buck fifty off of the full summer rate. Discounted lodging too. Come on out for the weekend and stay on the river, have a couple cocktails, and eat in WC or Cascade. Izaak’s open in early April.

Nymphing is the primary fishing game with anything pink delivering daily. All of the regular winter and spring fare Sows, pink sows, scuds, pink scuds, firebeads, pink firebeads, worms, pink worms, and the pink mop. Yeah, it works.

Inside lanes, soft shelf lines, hard shelf lines, in slow to medium slow water. Deep yes, medium depth yes, shallow…not yet.

The entire river is fishing well and most boat ramps are clear. We don’t know about Pelican Point. But save that reach for after this spring when the BWO’s spring to life.

The streamer anglers are having a tougher time moving a ton of fish. Some days better than others. Spoke with a couple fellers at the boat ramp and they had not had roughed ’em up too bad. The water temps will be moving upwards in the next month, and beyond so the streamer gang will get their day in the sun.

Swingers have been enjoying some success. Maybe differing water types? Headhunters is your Trout Spey Headquarters. Stop in for an update, demo gear, demo lines, and the most comprehensive Trout Spey selection in Montana. Lines, tips, learners, rods, reels, and accessories.

The midge fishing has not been good. Some midge on the water but high and bright skies have not interested those freely rising Missouri River trout. In the snow Thursday, Friday? What? Huh? Maybe…

Feeling like we have soaked up our first spring sunshine and it feels damn good. We will see weather patterns that freak out even long timers here in Montana the next 3 months. We are ready. We already buckled up. Rain, snow, wind, sun, clouds, sleet. And sometimes all in one day.

Bring on Spring in Montana!


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