Missouri River Winter Flies

Missouri River Winter Flies

I don’t know the names of all of the flies in these images. I just don’t anymore. Ninch is the fly mastermind with some suggestions from John and I. But it really is his deal. So as the bins change as the trends change I find myself finding new killer flies to try all the time. Changing it up is fun. Nothing in nature stands still  for too long.

That is the argument for changing flies too. Static behaviors are lame.

So I lost the list of the flies in this post. I know 2/3 of them. So while I do not know the proper names I do know that they all work when you toss them into the Mo.

Add a split shot and a bobber and hold on.

Find slower water too.

Missouri River Winter Flies
Dirty Winter Flies

The dirty winter flies above include Peep Show, some derivation of a Zebra, Zebra’s, FB Sow, Ninch’s Pearl Ninja, Pink Lightening Bug, Tungsten beaded SJW, Rainbow Czech Nymph, Ninch’s Pink Beaded Sow.

Really super slutty stuff works well. Pink or orange or red flavors will get you through the cold months. Black works too.

Dry flies? Check them out below.

Missouri River Winter Flies

Buzzball, Dominick’s Reneball, Griffith’s Gnat, Harrop’s CDC Hanging Midge, 2X posted Cluster, CDC Cluster, and more. Any thing you like that looks good on the water. A crap shoot real is the deal. Tie on some sort dropper for a better shot. If you can go that way.

Happy Holidays and we will see you on the river. Or in the bar afterward.

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