Monday Missouri River Fishing Report

Monday Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Monday Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Flows 3180cfs

River Temps about 61F

PMDs come off daily. Mostly on the upper end. Spinner fall daily. About 9am-ish. Spinners win. Cripples not as much right now. The PMD Conundrum is happening. Those swirly almost rise forms are trouble. A hint: They are not eating on top. And do not even see  your dry fly for the most part. But they do get excited about…think about it, and solve the equation. And, good luck.

The North Wind has been a real bitch. Afternoons have been filled with winds from he North. Upriver. Awful.

Night fishing has been pretty strong. Caddis show.

Crowded out there. Be good to others. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

Trico’s on the doorstep.

Ants seem to making an appearance. Cinnamon man.

Nymphers are sinking the flies int he center river lanes. Figure out depths and roll. Spilt or not. Many without spilt shot in these lower water conditions.

A fish pic in the am? Sure. Fish pics in the pm? Nah. Get one in the am. Fish feel stress of the summer months. Return them safely. You ever seen a Ketchum Release Tool? You ought look one up in a fly shop near you. Fly Shop Small.

Streamer anglers? They don’t like the sun. We will see them again in the fall.

Soft hacklers getting few out there. Fun stuff. Stop in and come see the River Best Soft Hackle and Wet Fly Selection @ HH of Craig.

Logo gear galore. We got it. Represent.

GInk, and Frog Fanny, and Jet Fuel, and all the floaty stuff you need to keep the flies not he surface. Sinkers too.

Shades to make you see more fish, and look cool too. Plus, your wife will love them! Stop in and protect those peepers. Sunhats, sunscreen, sun gloves and Buff’s too.

Free coffee is back at Headhunters. Free Wi-Fi. Free Missouri River Maps. The best Free Info in town. Best Flies Under the Big Bug Sky.

Book your fall trip today. Call Julie and Sara to get on the books for your fall BWO and Streamer trip. Swingers arrive after the 1st of November. Swing Season. Book your favorite guide for the Swing Season now and sleep easy the remainder of the summer.

Open daily, 6am-8pm. Shuttles all day long.

Enjoy your week. The fishing is pretty sick right now. We’ll be thinking of you…


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