Monday October 23rd Fishing Report

Monday October 23rd Fishing Report

Monday October 23rd Fishing Report

Just the facts today not eh Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Monday October 23rd Fishing Report.

  • It’s fall.It’s October. It’s killer.
  • Decent dry fly despite the high and bright sun. Find those singles on the shore lines. Not as much pod behavior with the ball of fire in late October burning our eyes out. The trout too. Look for those single daddy’s out there. Look hard. You will find them.
  • Cripples work.
  • Sunday was as windy as they come. Decent streamer bite if you could stand up.
  • Light traffic. We love it. If you are not here, maybe you should just fish the Yellowstone.
  • It’s in Livingston. Good eateries. Good trout bum bars. Chico just down the road.
  • But the wind does not blow there.
  • Monday October 23rd Fishing Report
  • Cripples work. So do large Adams. Small Adams too.
  • Streamer fishing off and on. Decent. Small black leech patterns are the fave of the Headhunters gang. Thin Mints too.
  • Slower bite in the morning. Better in the afternoon. Sometimes good til dark, other days go in at 5pm.
  • Nymphers are getting few in the morning. Lots during the afternoon session. It is damn good.
  • Pretty fun here in October. We want to shake the wind and sun pattern. Bring on the clouds. And the rain too. Bring on fall again please Mother Nature.
  • Shop open 730am til 7pm daily. Lodging available.
  • Izaak’s closed for the season. Thanks to Izaaks for the great year. We will miss you til spring. The Trout Shop Cafe is open a few nights with Pizza and such. Good times. And, Shotgun Annie’s in Wolf Creek is open Wed-Sunday for all three meals 8am til 7545pm for food and daily for the bar! Hooray.
  • We love October. The best we’ve had in a few years for sure. A good dry fly bite most days.
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  • Dan from Ohio
    October 25, 2017 9:52 am

    Ha no wind on the Yellowstone- one of the windiest places on earth, that’s a good one!

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