New Breed Chicks Rule Beverly Edition

New Breed Chicks Rule Beverly Edition

New Breed Chicks Rule Beverly Edition

One of my favorite gals today on Headhunters Fly Shop New Breed Chicks Rule Beverly Edition.

I lived with Bev and Brian for a couple winters in the early 2000’s before John and I opened the shop in 2008. Real good friends of mine.

Learned a bundle about lots of things, but nothing about catching trout. Why not? Bev did not fish yet. She and her dog Gary, on right in the image, had not caught the bug yet. Boozing and heckling the anglers in the boat were her objectives. Sitting in the back and getting some sun, pal-ing around with Gary, and sometimes napping.

But that has all changed. No more lounging in the back seat. Nope. Bev rocks the front seat now and catches bigger fish than her long time partner Brian.

Brian and I tied lots of flies in their upstairs man room while Bev occasionally came in and frowned at all of the feathers, hooks, and strange animal skins lying about.

Now she employs those hand tied gems to produce large trout on Montana’s rivers. This is not the first bigger brown that I have seen her pictured with.

She and Brian visited the Missouri last week and Brian sent along this fine trout image. Bev caught this on a Midge Dry Fly.

Bev spends her time off the water with her business in Bozeman.  Bloom. Making Skin Happy.  Check it out while in Bozeman at 4 Corners and do not forget to enjoy her skin products that you will simply love! Her gig is not just for the ladies. A must stop when in Bozeman.

Thanks Beverly for gracing the pages of Headhunters Fly Shop revolving blog entry New Breed Chicks Rule Beverly Edition!

Bev is rocking a girls piece that we had on the shelves many a moon ago. Standing up to the rigors of catching big trout. Nice Bev!

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