Silly Sunday Scenery Dentist Edition

Silly Sunday Scenery Dentist Edition

A good scene here fishing Montana’s Missouri River.

Today is the Dentist Edition of Silly Sunday Scenery.

Last week fished with a few dentists. Dr. Mast lives here locally and loves Montana. He too is from Mt. Vernon WA. Mike Ward of Adipose and Mark of Headhunters also hail form MV. Go Bulldogs. How we all ended up in Montana? Fishing.

Good anglers. Good boatmen. An annual trip for the three doctors who all graduated together. Lots of fun. Lots.

A quality four days of angling with two days guided and two days on their own. Chris owns an Adipose and loves fishing with his son Finnegan up here on the Mo. And a few others in Helena.

Thanks a million to you fellas for making me laugh all day long. Good times for sure!

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be.

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