Squeeky's Sow and Scud Box

Squeeky’s Missouri River Sow and Scud Box

Squeeky’s Missouri River Sow and Scud Box

Full of heavy, kinky sow bug and scud flies.

Lots of them. I think I am stocked for the spring ahead. We may have higher than normal water so I am prepared to lose 100’s, and 100’s of flies.

A good day of fly loss can reach towards the sky in numbers. Super high water is a recipe for fly loss disaster. Fishing the old shore line, the shore line under the tip of your oar, that one. When fishing the ultra high water the Russian Olives, sticks, brush claim many fly victims.

Not ready for that yet, but I am ready for the Spring Special Sow and Scud Nymphing Extravaganza.

The older I am the better I am prepared. It make me feel better from the outset.

Does it translate into more fish to hand? Now wouldn’t that be nice.

I have found there is no correlation.

Those fishy dudes just catch lots of trout. I hate talented anglers.

I have always had to scratch and claw. If you got no talent, you gotta try real hard!

If you need to fill like the one above stop by the store and fill ‘er on up. The friendly Headhunters fishing staff will help you out. They know. They fish daily. Not one of them is here for conveniences of downtown Craig MT.

All about trout on the Mighty Mo!

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  • Can I have some?

  • You’re making me nervous with the high water talk. We will be up for the Caddis Festival. Please keep under 10K. That’d be cool.

  • Hey, you have 2 open sections there. I was thinking, at $1.75 a fly that box must be worth, say, 1 million dollars, no, 100 billion dollars, that’s evil. I can relate to that “no talent, work harder” comment. See you on the 10th, maybe you guys can fix me. While your at it, fix that water too. Thanks. I’m in a blizzard and its 17°, so it can’t be all that bad there.

    • Hey thanks Richard. It is worth more than my last truck. Honest. I’m trying not to buy another fly this season…Hah! So, a couple spots open is where those hot patterns of the year will go!

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