Tom Rosenbauer Prospecting for Trout Video

Tom Rosenbauer Prospecting for Trout Video

Great video today by one of the greatest fly fishing educators in my lifetime. YEs, there are many more out there, but I truly believe that Mr. Rosenbauer is a the top of the heap.

I am biased. I have done a couple TV episodes with Tom, have traded some flies over the years, and have tasted his incredible home spun chocolate bars. So yes, I am a fan. A big fan.

Tom is one of those casts that is genuine, and loves what he does. Friendly, kind, and fishy as hell. One that can translate what he does on the water in words, for us to learn. The fly fishing world has a bundle of fun and interesting folks, he certainly qualifies for a leader in our favorite pastime/sport.

This video is good. Important points to consider when approaching a new river, pond, resource.

If you need more, and I commonly do, then look up his fantastic book by the same title. I rate Tom Rosenbauer Prospecting for Trout as one of my personal Top 3 best fly fishing books, I have read. I first picked this up at Gary’s Fly Shop in Yakima Washington. It may not be there anymore, but it certainly was the only place to get higher quality gear in the 80’s and 90’s. And this book was recommended by Gary as one of the books, to have. I totally agree. Great suggestion.

You can pick this baby up at your local fly shop, or order it online on the Orvis website.   

Tom Rosenbauer Prospecting for Trout
A gotta have book. One of th best out there. A perfect gift for those you love!
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  • Yes!!! this book. Tom also has many videos on you tube’s and of course all the New Fly Fisher, and Orvis videos. I’m jealous you have got to spend the time with him. I’ve seen alot of his videos in cluding the one he is teaching across the river from you on the other side of the bridge in Craig. Fish on. Hope to see you soon!

  • I’ve had his book on reading water for a long time and continue to read it, and apply on rivers. Chocked full of really good stuff. His points repeat over and over on any body of moving water. Apply his themes and your hook rates will soar. Kelly Galloup also offers a lot of really practical views on finding fish in rivers. Common sense, no BS approaches across the board. You gotta hunt – it’s not a hope! Read that water and work the strategy!

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