Tuesday Tying Video from the JAV Family

Tuesday Tying Video from the JAV Family

Buzzball Fly Tying

A great fly for the Mo. Squeeky’s favorite summertime pattern!

Been tossing it the past couple weeks. A good time for sure.

It is not red hot, yet. It will be.

No wing profile recognition, no negative reinforcement of the trout. Looks like garbage. The kind of garbage that trout eat. Here, on the Mighty Mo.

In my conversations with Gary in the 90’s here on the river I also found that he believed that the fussy-ness of this pattern and the ability to trap air bubbles underneath the fly gives the impression that the insect is decomposing. And decomposing insects are easy to eat. They don’t move. They are dead. And we all know that Dead Flies Don’t Swim!

Broken down proteins are easier to digest making this food source ideal for fat fast growing Missouri River trout.

If you have witnessed fast moving aggressive PMD subsurface feeding behaviors you already know that picking something from the surface or damn near it that does not move is much more efficient than the former actions. And that is why bits and pieces of dead and decomposing insects make up a large percentage of the Missouri River top water diets.

Check out the fly bins of your Missouri River fly shops and you will not see a wide variety of high floating flies. Not too many dun or adult patterns. They will be mostly comprised of flies that rest in the film. Emergers, cripples, and spinners.

Make Headhunters your first stop on the Mo. We carry the Best Flies Under the Big Sky!

Fishing Licenses, flies, river maps, info, in a clean sanitary environment.

Buy this pattern at the shop in downtown Craig Montana. We have them in several sizes up to size 18. For baby junk eaters.

Watch the video, then tie the fly. You cannot foul this fly up man. It looks even better if it is tied, un-neatly. Sloppy in fact. Those who tie this fly too neatly, don’t get it.

Fish it with confidence. Created for the junk eaters at Jackson Rock by Gary LaFontaine a few decades back.

Tuesday and all is well here on the Mo. The Buzzball will get on the list of the top flies of the summer. Until then you can count on the Translucent Emerger or Pupa to get you through the day. Or a PMD Cripple is and has been hot. Spinners, spents, knock-downs. All good flies for the time being as we move through the early summer session.

And for those PMD lovers we have fully stocked PMD nymph bins. And you will need them out on the Mo for the next 2 months. A fly that will grace your rig for the future!

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