Water Flows Falling. Air Temps Increasing?

Water Flows Falling. Air Temps Increasing?

Water flows falling this week to 4200cfs. That is low. The verbiage from the DNRC below…

Reclamation is making a 500cfs decrease to conserve water for storage based on forecasted inflows.

And what does that mean? Well, it means the current situation of the river along with the anchor ice, look it up, is up in the air? To me at least.

Anchor ice forms on the bottom of the river, or lake, irrespective of bottom formations. The problem is the anchor ice is volume. Volume or mass displaces the water, ice, in the river to move, outside of the river. Placing more water outside the banks. The water is moved from the river due to the volume of anchor ice and displaced in the fields, or roads, or otherwise outside the river confines. Most of th time the DNRC, river managers, raise the level of the water during these exceptionally cold periods to alleviate the continued formation of anchor ice, along with continued water displacement.

But, with the lower than average snowfall, rain, and precipitation this fall and early winter, the water managers are holding back water believing that the water gods will not respond to the current lower than average annual and winter precipition aggregates.

My question is this, “Does anchor ice prevent or encourage gravel migration? Does it change the subsurface winter/summer environs enough to change subsurface formations and/or topography?”

So, where does that leave us? Boy I don’t know. We will have to wait to see if the Craig Flats waters that are easy to evaluate standing on the Craig Bridge change at all after the anchor ice leaves. Will be monitoring of course. And passing findings along to you, the Mo River Lover!

All good in Craig beyond the winter weather. Still below Zero. Snowed a bundle yesterday and possibly today. Winter has arrived in the big way. Bring on more snow please. Stack it up in th hills and mountains.

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