Wednesday Workshop July Dry Fly Tips

Wednesday Workshop July Dry Fly Tips

Do: Make the initial attack cleanly. Surgical. Stealthily. Fish are spooky and if they know the enemy is near, they certainly are not as excited to gobble up you’re offering.

Don’t: Rush in there like a Young Bull and let the enemy know your intentions. Don’t expect the fish to eat the fly after you have dragged is across his head repeatedly for the past 29 minutes.

Do: Pull out the appropriate amount of fly line for the trout. Not too much, just right. Measure the fish with your fly line on the water next to the trout. This way you do not have to pool line from the spool when you are supposed to be paying attention to the drift. Two things at once is usually one too many.

Don’t: Drag the fly over the head of the trout on the first cast. Bad angler.

Do: Be ready the first couple drifts after a fly change. Like the new girl at school. When introducing yourself, put your best foot forward bro.’ It is easier that way. You only get one time to make a first impression.

Do: Resect the distance to the trout. Those who can get it done at 40′, 50′ and beyond give themselves advantages that the shorter caster does not posses.

Don’t: Throw slackless drifts at the trout. You gotta have a drag free drift.

Do: Approach like a pro.

Do: Keep as much of the fly line and leader, in the same lane as the fly. Reach Casts, or Reach Mends, put the line nearer the current path of the trout eliminating crossing too many current speed lanes. Lines that cross too many current lines, lanes, do not catch trout.

Do: Enjoy the dry fly game. Rewarding for sure. A great duo session has already happened, now we brace ourselves for the Trico Explosion that is about to be upon us! Dry fly angling through mid September.

Don’t: Be a dick out there.

Do: Recognize that there are other anglers around you. If you are dead set on a spot, and there is 7 wade fish anglers, or a couple boats already in your spot, Don’t go in there. Use this time to venture out and find new water. Give anglers a wide berth out there man. Lots of water. Treat other anglers with respect. Give wade anglers lots of room. Give all anglers some room. Do the right thing. The Golden Rule. We can teach through example. Maybe.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily at 630am. Open late til 9pm. Late shuttles, time to peruse the fly selection for that perfect PMD pattern. Get a new Headhunters Fly Line. Book your dry fly guide trips with us @ 406-235-3447 for late July and August. The fall is booking too. September and October will be good as well. Swingers getting revved up for a Trout Spey Autumn.

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  • I really like the hat–nice fish too.

  • When is HH doing a indicator/nymphing line?

    • There’s already some great ones on the market. What would you want to see?

      • Connor Cavanaugh
        July 18, 2019 10:44 am

        Just your own HH indicator line to work with a strike indicator heavy nymphing rig. I’ve had some big name fly line brands (not going to name) and they always seems to like to crack at the end of the head and get water logged and start sinking. Even though I clean them regularly and properly. Just thought I’d ask. Thanks for replying John.

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