Weekly Hatch Schedule for Mid-September

Things, meaning the bite, are looking up thisMid-September and partly due to the number of bugs around.

Funny huh?

Still some damn good Trico fishing in some areas. A good spinner fall can bring the fish up top. Many have been seen aggressively feeding on those late generation micro insects. Mostly a morning gig but I have seen the fish contently fishing on dead Trico’s as late as 1 or 2pm. Keep your eyes peeled and find those hungry fish.

And in conjunction with the lighter traffic those fish have not been bumped off the shorelines or those shallower water lanes the fish will be holding in their favorite top water feeding zones.

After the white winged black’s leave the water the Callibaetis have been showing well. Spinners and duns can both produce good takes. We have a several patterns in stock for your bigger fly love.

Skittering caddis are around too. We get this late season smaller caddis, smaller than the giant October Caddis, that can bring some fish crashing and slashing the surface. Drop the hook and get out your caddis box when you see this kind of behavior exhibited by our wildly reproducing trout population. Tan and sized 16. All you need to know.

Can you skitter your fly?

The Pseudo show begins int he afternoon as well. In the rain this previous week they really got rolling. Inclement weather will bring the fish to the bug. They do not respond as well in high bright sunny conditions.

We are hoping and enjoying for a cooler September than we have experienced in the last few years. Rainy, wet, and overcast for both September and October please.

Do your fall conditions dance before you head out to the Mo this season. Do it in your living room. In front of your family. The goofy-er the better. If you appear like you have fallen off your rocker your family may send you out of the house and you can then escape to the Mo.

We will welcome you here in Craig. We encourage dancing in the streets. On the river too.

The hot flies for the surface are outlined above. The subsurface game? Craw’s, Weight Flies, Sows, Scuds, Hare’s Ears of the larger variety, Peep Shows, Cheesemen emergers, LGM’s, Purple Lightening Bugs, Old School LB’s, and more.

Still some hopper bites out there as well. This week will be warmer than the last and we should have a few more weeks of the big fly staying int he realm of reality.

New fall hours for the Headhunters Fly Shop 7am-8pm. Open first and open last.

See you out here in September. One of our favorite months on the Missouri River.

But I will let you in on a secret…we like most!

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