3 for Winter from SIMMS

3 for Winter from SIMMS

3 for Winter from SIMMS

3 for Winter from SIMMS. We are fishing all 12 months here on Montana’s Missouri River. We like to be warm and protected from the elements.So we give you these 3 terrific items from SMMS to keep those body parts warm!

SIMMS DOWNStream Jacket

I love this piece. Keeps me warm for sure. My wife introduced me to the wonders of puffball jackets and vests. I would wear her jackets but for some reason they meade me look fat? I could’ve been they were too small for me, but that did not stop me. Then I found the SIMMS DownStream Jacket. Oh, boy! The first time I put this baby on I loved it.

A few things that I love include the loft. Puffy, yet packable. The magic fill inside is worth its weight in gold. And Gold Primaloft is the product they stuff in there, and DWR treated down. I could give you the techy side of this piece, but that is not important to me. What is important is that it is puffy, down laden, and damn warm!

I also like the cuff. They overhang a bit and the wrist deal does not pinch. It is tucked away inside of the jacket and does not bind. Comfort. The sleeves do not twist in any funny way either.

The inside pocket is big enough for a couple spey heads and a bottle of water. Black and olive oars the color choices. A good piece that is included on every winter excursion. I am sold!

The last thing is the hood. It has several sizing cords and such. You know how some hoods are uncomfortable and keep you all pissed off because you cannot hear anything, or you feel like you are trapped inside a poorly made sleeping bag type of deal? Yep me too. This hood does not do that. It rules.

P.S. It is kinda waterproof. Not like a rain jacket made from Gore Tex. But enough for that occasional rain event or snow.

3 for Winter from SIMMSSIMMS Pro Dry Jacket

Waterproof. Totally and completely. Stuck in a downpour? This is the item you need. The Pro Dry will not let you down.

The 3/4 length is key for both rowing and standing in the river. It covers your ass whenst sitting. It covers you entire body whilst standing.

A high neck is clutch when the wind is roaring out of the north and you gotta be out there. Micro fleece lined for your chin comfort. The hood is key as well. Just like the DOWNStream jacket the hood on the Pro Dry is well designed and does not hinder your neck and head movement. 17 cords and such allow you to tune this baby into infinite combinations. The hood is not attached to the neck, And this is good. Allows for the hood to move independently of the neck. Two pieces, not one. Check it. Well designed from SIMMS.

Lightweight enough to use as a summer piece as well. A 4 season jacket you will become enamored with. I like mine oversized. I once had an XL to accommodate a puffy underneath. The most recent Pro Dry is a 2XL. Roomy, comfy, and perfect. If you go one or two sizes larger you will not be upset. Although some opt for a slimmer fit.

3SIMMS Cold Weather Shirt

The SIMMS Cold Weather Shirt is one that the entire staff wears. Often. I too am glued to this piece. I wear it around the house, to work, in the boat, and on the couch.

An insulated flannel shirt with a micro-chek-fleece liner. Soft to the touch on the outside, and the inside. This too I get in one size larger than I would normally wear. The XL is fine!

When fishing I wear a turtle neck or base layer underneath. I jam hand warmers into the oversized front two pockets for all day long warmth!

This button up item is one for the ages. It is a pice that once you have one, you will have two. It certainly is an item that many customers come back for. “I live in this thing” says Jim Brandley. He bought tow. I am on board with Jim. You love it so much that you have to get a second in case you lose one, your girlfriend steals it, or whatever. A two-fer shirt fer-sure.

3 for Winter from SIMMS today on the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog. This should take care of your upperbody all winter long. The shoulder seasons too. Come on by as we have these favorites in stock daily 8-5.

Open Christmas Eve 8 til Noon for any of you crazies that want to fish. Although, if it is too damn cold, we are staying in bed late and not coming to the store. And it may be too damn cold. Near zero is too cold man. Keep it tuned here for the latest, or our constantly updated Facebook page.

Closed Christmas Day. The only scheduled day we close all year long. Headhunters is your dedicated fly shop on the (nearly) banks of the Missouri River!


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  • I lied to Mark! I own four of them………………I didn’t want him to think I was some obsessed weirdo.

  • Do you prefer the ProDry jacket to any Simms wading-length coat? What are the pros/cons of each?

    • I do prefer the longer length. Although I have enjoyed the shorter wading length as well. I am using my rain jacket as a shell, generally carrying a fly box or two in my shirt pocket. So I am not using my rain jacket as a vest, I guess. SIMMS does make a nice wading jacket. The best.

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