Christmas Wish Lists Headhunters Gang Part 1

Christmas Wish Lists Headhunters Gang Part 1

Our wish lists are partly in. Today we have the Christmas Wish List that we all hope Santa drops to us through the chimney. Or through your favorite Montana Fly Shop Headhunters in Craig.

Dewey Sutphin

  1. Sage One Trout Spey 3110-4 11′ 3 wt
  2. Galvan T-5 Black
  3. Simms Bulkley Jacket
  4. Yeti Rambler Bottle 64 oz or SIMMS Nipper
  5. Simms Boat Bag Lg or Bootfoot waders…when they come out with them again!

A nice list Dewey. Dewey wisely chose items in stock at the shop. That way Santa’s helper, Dewey’s wife, can pick up any or all of his list. Smart.

Braden Lewis

  1. Sage One Trout Spey 3110-4 11′ 3 wt
  2. Vintage Hardy Reel
  3. OPST Commando Tip Riffle/Run/Bucket Series
  4. Orvis Gale Force Boat Bag
  5. Polar Bear or Jungle Cock tying material

Now Braden went for it. Stuff not available at the shop. 3 of 5 wish list items are at Headhunters. Hoepfully someone close to Santa sees it here on this daily Missouri River dribble.

Mark Raisler

  1. Sage X 7 wt for streamer fishing
  2. RIO Streamer Tip WF7I
  3. A streamer selection from the one and only 7wt!
  4. Kreelex Just Add Vise Mega Kit
  5. Yeti Hopper 20

Mostly slanted toward the streamer game. I am not one of those chuck it til your arm falls off. But, I do like to throw the big bug now and then. So, a streamer laden Christmas wish list for me. And a Yeti Hopper to keep the Coors Lites and Jaegermeister cold for drinking while I rest my sore arm…

That is the lists from the above three. More lists later this week. What is on your list? Could you find it here on our online shop?



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  • Braden, what model Hardy do you want, and what size?

  • Allen, I don’t have one particular model in mind. It would be for a Sage One 11′ 3 wt trout spey rod. I think older Hardy reels look awesome! I’m assuming you agree?

  • Braden, I have a Hardy Marquis #7 that I use on a Hardy Zenith #5 wt. it is click and pawl and the Missouri trout sure do make it sing. I have a couple more if you are interested.

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