Epic Fastglass Fly Rod Demos

Epic Fastglass Fly Rods

These rods are awesome. I have been fishing one of the 6 weights myself lately, and I love it. I have liked fiberglass rods for a long time, but they always seemed like niche rods that were best suited for small streams and small fish. The Epic Fastglass is a daily driver. It is the only fiberglass rod that I have fished that has the backbone needed for the Missouri River. I would feel confident if it was the only rod in my boat. It can do it all.

I have used it for nymphing and streamers, but it really excels for throwing dry flies. The 6 weight Epic is perfect for throwing hoppers and chubbies. The action is similar to a mid-flex graphite rod. It casts kinda like a funky Winston with a hotrod paint job.

If you are the type who likes to hike to your secret fishing spots, Epic also makes a 7’6″ 5 piece backpacking rod. John has been fishing one of these in the backcountry and loving it.

Fish an Epic rod – get a free hat

We now have a 8′ 5 weight and a 8’6″ 6 weight Epic Fastglass rod that customers can take fishing for the day for free. These rods are a ton of fun to fish, so you shouldn’t need any encouragement, but anyone who fishes one of these rods for the day will get a free Epic hat. Demoing the rod doesn’t cost you anything. Plus you get to fish an awesome rod for the day. It’s hard to not smile when you’re casting one of these things.

Buy an Epic Fastglass rod and get a free fly line

These rods fish best with a “true to size” fly line. The Epic Glassline is made by Scientific Anglers and features a taper made specifically for the Epic Fastglass fly rod.

If you purchase one of these rods, you’ll receive one of these lines for free.

Cast One Today

These rods are so much fun to cast. Next time you are at the shop, ask the staff to let you take one out on the casting lawn. I guarantee it will make you smile. If you want to demo one on the river, we will give you the free hat. If you decide to buy one, we will throw in the free fly line too. See you soon.

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  • Got the Epic 580 myself. It has the right amount of strength and smoothness I want for fishing hopper-dropper and small nymphing rigs. It’s a great dry fly rod too but I don’t fish single dry flies much myself 🙂

    The Epic 480 was a bit too soft for my liking. Great dry fly rod but again, I’m not a dry fly only guy.

    Montana native company Livingston Rod Company also has a great list of fibreglass rods. I own the 8.6ft #3 fibreglass rod. What an amazing rod. Super smooth with a strong butt to handle big fish. On a 3 weight!

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