February Top 5

February Top 5

February Top 5

Not my favorite month. Not too much going on. Slow.

My February Top 5 below this Thursday February 1st.

  1. Midges may happen mid month. That is a breath of fresh air. Lends itself to spring thoughts. Already some midge action. Midges dancing around on the surface coaxing trout eyes upwards. Scattered and skitterish. Midges can raise your blood pressure.
  2. Days getting longer. Add 2-3 minutes of sun exposure per day. That is positive.
  3. PINK flies all month long for the nymphing game. Big or small. Get them in the deep tanky water and stare at the bobber. No blinking. My take on nymphing is that if you have to think about it, you’re toooo late! No thinking, only striking.
  4. Swingers smiling. The water temps rise ever so slightly in February allowing the fish to move a wee bit further to kiss the fly. February can be good for the town handed gang.
  5. Only 28 days. Thankfully short. I hate February.

See you on your favorite Trout Spey flat this month ahead. Stop in for all the kick ass new spey gear @ Headhunters of Craig. We may have a tying night or two. 7wt. and the HH gang says we oughtta. Fly Tying stuff on sale this spring too. Hooks, beads, tools, and of course flash.

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