Friday Fishing Report Missouri River Montana

Friday Fishing Report Missouri River Montana

New shop hours this week as we move into autumn. And the water temps have fallen to 60F this past couple days, rebounding to 63 currently. More cool weather this week will keep them falling a bit. Not out of the woods yet, but with the lifting of the Hoot Owl restrictions here on the Missouri River below Holter Dam we feel confident that the worst is water under the bridge.

Flows in the 3K range. Most likely there for the remainder of 2021. Only the winter snowfall and moist conditions for 2022 can alleviate that issue. Rain dances in your living room daily for the next 40 weeks should do it.

Feels like Autumn. Colors changing. Pseudocloeon has arrived. Small BWO nymphs are back on the menu. Zebra’s, Crawfish, Zirdles, Rubberlegs, and Callibaetis nymphs for the time being.

The entire river showing well. Weeds some days are a non-issue, others it seems like they can bother some anglers. Some weeds are breaking free. Looks real good for a terrific Swing Season this fall and beyond. Low water, easy wading, cooler water temps as we move through the seasons, and eager trout.

Trico’s hit and miss. Still an early game. Spinner fall about 830-9am. With the cooler temps the hatch can be delayed for a minute so be conscious of that. Clusters, and a damn good initial presentation on your part will get them to move to the fly.

Callibaetis strong. Meaning for this resource. If you see couple, the fish already know. Spinners rule. A Parachute Adams or Purple Haze family will get it done too. Large, and blind? Sure, you bet.

The fall caddis, a tan size 14, has been seen bundle. Not a huge hatch per se, but the fish know this bug too. A single sipper out there in front of you? Down-winged size 14 tan caddis. First drift. Got ’em.

Hoppers. Waning. The fish have seen a bundle of them the past 6 weeks. They are smart. Ants? Yes, throw them.

Strippers. Get them wet and strip. The y will follow a quick strip pattern with exuberance. Pattern? Tie one on and strip. No action 10 minutes? Change the fly. Repeat.

Swingers? Get ready. Swing Season is around the corner. Getting some bookings for late October and November as we anticipate the fall to be quite good.

Generally good baetis hatches in lower water years as well. The middle 2000’s were damn good. Gearing up now for the Autumns and Fall seasons here on the Mo. Call Sara or Julie if you need to book anything, call the shop if you want stats, fishing reports, bug suggestions, info and buying trout spey gear suggestions, line match, and all things Montana trout.

New autumn hours coming soon. Afternoon shuttles back at Headhunters. Hoot Owl gone. Cloudy skies for the week ahead. Nice!

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  • Solid report Mark. I tell all my buddies if you wanna learn, read all of these. Sometimes the advise doesnt register for a day , week , or year but eventually it makes since to us knuckle draggers.

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