Izaak’s of Craig For Sale

Izaak’s of Craig For Sale

Izaak’s opening April 5th! Thursday thru Sundays for a few weeks to start with 4-9pm! Awesome. We can’t wait until se can saddle up to the bar and enjoy fantastic BBQ and more! New items on the menu and I hear rumor about taco’s!

Izaak’s of Craig is For Sale.

You know us for never selling out here on the Headhunters Blog. No paid advertising, no pop-ups crowding your free infotainment blog here. No way. So this is rare for us to put any kind of advertisement up.

We like both of these guys. Ric and John. Known Chef John since the beginning and Ric for about ten years. We’d help both of these two out if we can.

Izaaks of Craig For Sale

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  • Oh man… I’d hate to see Izaaks food, service or spirits go down any slope! Aside from great fishing and people, Izaaks is a gem and a real reason we return every year!

    • Thanks Gretti…..if you know of someone who could be a good fit let me know. Izaaks rocks and we will make sure it continues to do so….
      Ric Smith

    March 27, 2018 7:59 am

    Dudes, you guys need to buy!!!!!!!

  • To find a restaurant that warrants 4 star ratinor close to it is impossible in Great Falls. Your fish Walleye
    Is exceptional. Thank you for years of good food.
    Let’s pray someone with some talent and $ to back it up buys Izaak.

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