Missouri River Headhunters Weekend Outlook

Missouri River Headhunters Weekend Outlook

Missouri River Headhunters Weekend Outlook

Rain yesterday. Rain today. Rain tomorrow.


If you are coming out this weekend you will be greeted by rain. Overcast skies. And food fishing.

Anglers are fishing top to bottom. Lots of interest in the canyon. And why not. Fish live all over the river. The interest in the laser reach will be increasing with every rain day and overcast skies. The big bugs start down there.

The baby BWO’s are arriving in some numbers as we move into the middle of the month. Afternoon hatches can get your dander up and may even present some dry fly opportunities.

Those little bastards will drive you nuts. We find that an Adams or a midge cluster or a down winged caddis will bring that fish to the surface. Trying to ‘match the hatch’ is for those who do not want to catch that trout. For those who like to practice casting. So, your choice. Tie up some sz 28 Pseudo’s and get after it.

Most are tossing the dry dropper, the short leash, or the medium leash, or the deep rig. All good. Hot flies include any sow bug, Scud, slender bodied mayfly like the Little Green Machine or a PT derivative.

The streamer gang is out there plying their trade. Getting some too. If you are afraid of the weeds, then you need not apply. But if you are down, try those smaller bugger patterns. Smaller hook, fewer weeds. Time to get that new streamer line on your rod. It is time.

Don’t forget about the RIO Line Cleaner pad for under a buck to improve your shoot-a-bility. Do it. Give me a couple reasons you shouldn’t.

The soft hacklers are creeping around. You see them. The ones with the bent rods skulking around the corner, then slithering off when you see them. Long live Syl Nemes.

Not a ton of anglers here this September. We are clipping right along but it feels like the angler pressure is less. A bit more on the weekends. Come out mid week and have portions of the river to yourself.

New Headhunters Fly Shop fall hours daily at 630am and open late til 8pm. We have lots of rain gear, warm clothing, SIMMS, hand warmers, the largest selection of hats and gloves to keep you warm out there fishing the chilly Missouri River this weekend. A sale rack too!

We love the rain!

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