Hump Day Trout

Missouri River Hump Day Trout

Missouri River Hump Day Trout is a Brown Trout with Headhunters Guide Jared Edens.

Fishing in reaches other than the top end is in vogue as we move through the latter week of March.

It’s WFO. Yo.

This is the fishing report for the Missouri River today. Brown Trout are out.

You should be in.

We’re here daily with lodging options for those who end up in Craig.


We know. That’s how most of us got here.

Shop open at 8am for those who need coffee at the end of a long journey…

…where you ended up here on Bridge Street in Trout Town.

Montana’s Trout Town.

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  • Roscoe IS Trout Town.

    As they say at Katz’s on Houston Street Mark…

    Take a numba.

    Tight lines from the Catskills and Upper Delaware River.

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