Missouri River March Dry Flies

Missouri River March Dry Flies

A good month ahead as we prepare ourselves for the first real dry fly action of 2015.

As the grass becomes greener and the flower buds are trying to pierce the winter envelope we too are ready for the re-birth here in Craig Montana.

While we have been prepping for 2015 starting way back in 2014 we are happy to see more and more of your smiling and excited fishing vibe stroll through the door. Yes, welcome 2015.

And yes welcome, 2015 dry fly fishing.

Most anglers aspire to toss the dry fly at finicky bank sipping rising trout. Not all, but you could make an argument that at some point in the commonly taken fly angling path many of us turn our attention to fooling the big brown trout on delicately tied tiny dry flies.

I think that is fair to say.

The season is upon us and it truly is time to get on the vise and bang out a box full of midge and BWO flies fro the upcoming 2 months. March and April both bring ample opportunities to grease up that dry fly, put your head down, and throw a perfectly executed reach cast!

Missouri River March Dry Flies
Missouri River March Dry Flies available at Headhunters Fly Shop

Above you will see single and solitary midge patterns, clusters from Harrop and LaFontaine, parachutes, CDC flies, cripples, and emerges. All good patterns for the Missouri River and it’s often slack ass water dry fly situations.

What flies should you be tying? Or buying in the near future? Check them out below and above and get after it.

March 15th is the beginning of Headhunters famous Spring Special. So soon? Yes. Check it out here to fish dry flies in the next couple months!

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  • Spot on. At some point you just want that big brownie. Something about the way they take the fly slow & deliberately and of course the way each one has its own unique coloration. Nice post

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