Missouri River Montana Pre-Holiday Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Pre-Holiday Fishing Report

Hey there. It is warming up. About 3 weeks of non-fishing weather has passed us…at least temporarily. The weather yesterday was about as windy as it gets. But the air temps climber above freezing for the first time in some time! We like that move towards comfort.

That is the river in the middle of the picture. This shot in Cascade MT. The river above Mountain Palace is good. No ice. No slush. At the dam? Damn good man.

Today? Warmer again along with the heavy winds from the south. Have 6 foot drifts in my back yard and the river looked really not too terrific yesterday. Although we did see a few anglers heading toward the water yesterday. Hunters too. I bet they liked that wind. The birds didn’t.

Fishing? Yes. You can fish this week if the winds let up. If they don’t, find a lee shore and swing a few up. Leeches are still happening. I think? They were the last time we wet a fly. That is all I got to go on. But a good starting point for sure. The soft hackle game may have passed us by as the water temps in the last three weeks have plummeted.

Missouri River Montana Pre-Holiday Fishing Report36F is the water temp. That is on the cool side since we last spoke/fished. Things have certainly slowed down as far as the fish are concerned now. Fish the winter stuff. The winter water. The slow inside lanes that are hardly moving. The stale and boring water. Not the fun stuff. Don’t fish the fun staff at all. For months on end. Don’t.

Want the hot fly(s)? They all start with the letter Pink. Other that that, try a pink one with an orange bead.

The weather turns again this weekend when we near the holiday. Saturday and Sunday are gonna be cold and snowy. It looks like Saturday, Christmas Eve is gonna be dam gnarly. Western I think they call it here. So if that stands to be true we may not open on Saturday for the historic half-day of Bailey’s drinking coffee and forwarding the travelers out back to the bathroom. A few shuttles are the common fare for the day. But if the weatherman is correct…we suggest you just celebrate drink in the garage if you want to be cold. Not on the river.

Open everyday but maybe the weekend. Christmas for sure closed. Christmas Eve maybe closed due to weather conditions. Call if you are headed up and if we answer…we are open. If the line is cold? Well, we are at home too. We will let you know for sure here and on our Facebook Page.

Last minute gifts available this week. Also free hot coffee. And some mild fishing conversations. We are taking summer fishing reservations at  pretty high volume pre-holidays this year. It generally gets really rolling after the new year. So if you get together with your friends and family this holiday, take a minute to speak with them about your summer 2017 plans. Never to early get on the board here at Headhunters.

Stop in if you are headed out. Lots of college students roam through the coming weeks. We welcome you the youth of the sport. Love to see the enthusiasm and knowledge that our favorite generation exudes. It is awesome.

Open daily 8am.

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