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Mo River HH Fly Shop Tuesday Fishing Report

All good here this spring. Lower than average waters, nothing we can control (honest), about average water temps, average bite for the season, sun is out, rain and snow on the way.

That is the short hit for the report. More? OK.

Water temps touching 39F.

Water flows 3500cfs. 25% below seasonal average.

Nymphers up at the dam rowing around. Average, meaning pretty good, spring bite. Pink, sow, FireBead sows and scuds, Midge larvae ie Zebra’s, tiny Euro midge patterns, gaudy loud and bright worms (we got ’em), new shiny Indi’s, BWO nymphs. Pretty shallow out there. May or may not need split shot. Many are using a T-Head up top and a unweighted or beaded fly on the bottom end.

Swingers enjoying the access to may center ri ver runs. Still Skagit, fished a 10′ I/2/4 tip yesterday. Seemed right for the lower quicker waters I was fishing. Some are 5×5, and some are flirting with the Intermediate tips. Headhunters is your Trout Spey Center on the river with advice, answers, tips, rigging techniques, and education part of our everyday gig. Stop in for anything you need in the way of spey. Leeches, and olive and fishy the hot flies as of late. White coming on!

Dry Fly Bite? Seems to be very good in specific locals daily. Where are those locations? Changing, and daily hot spots. Be ready, rigged, and stoked to see the midge rising trout. Upper river a very good bet. Early mornings, afternoons, near duck. Variable on all accounts. Small clusters, individual midge cripples, small Adams, Peacock laden patterns with a post you can see! New updated Headhunter Fly Line in stock today! Check it out. Only 80 bones.

Strippers getting them Intermediate tips and a bit heavier if you desire. Get a new steamer line today. Do it. It’ll make you smile, your fishing buddy, and those trout!! Olive and black and brown and yellow and flashy. Or woolly buggers. Good reports of articulated patterns too. We got ’em here at the MotherShip.

Rental Boats For Sale. Adipose, 1 year old, almost new. $14,500 today. They won’t last long at this price. 

Shuttles Daily! Headhunters open everyday 8am. Guide trips out daily, available daily. Lots of spring and summer lodging at

  • Izaak’s Open for the season! Wednesday thru Sunday Bar at 3pm, food served at 4pm.
  • Craig Tap House & Stonefly Cafe open this weekend. More hours next week we hear.
  • Canyon Store in WC open daily 7-8.
  • Joe’s Bar in Craig open daily, variable hours.
  • The Driftwood and The Angus Bars in Cascade open daily.
  • The Missouri River Inn @ Prewitt creek open daily at noon.
  • Trout Shop Cafe Closed. The Wolf in WC, closed. Lazy I Brews in WC, closed.

Come by and say hello this spring. Exclusive retailer of Skwala Fishing Products. This techy, high-end and well thought through fishing wear is super killer. Been wearing and abusing and enjoying the gear for two years now and report the quality and build is top notch. Stop in and touch it, see it, feel it! New rods, reels, the HH Fly Line, gloves, hand warmers, sunscreen, HH Log gear arriving daily, new nets, gear bags…at the friendly information super store in Craig.

Great image today from Dave Weitl. Thanks Dave. Send any images of cool trout, in the water please as we no longer post fish, out of the water, here this blog. mark@headhuntersflyshop  jpeg only, your name, etc. 


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