Monday Morning Fishing Report 4.15.19

Monday Morning Fishing Report 4.15.19

The Monday Morning Fishing Report 4.15.19. Midway through our Spring Special here in central Montana. Going well. The other fantastic rivers in the state are somewhat fishing. But, if you want the cleanest water in the TRICO County region, come to the Mo. Call first. We got yer back @ 406-235-3447 for the up to the minute fishing report along with discounted spring lodging rates.

Today we cover the Yes and No. The over under. The good and the bad. Short and sweet. More info stuffed in this report than the…

PS: Pay your taxes today. If you forgot.

The Fishing Report Do’s and Dont’s

Yes: The river is fishing at about 8500 cfs. Would we prefer it lower? Yes.

Yes: $400 Guide Trips thru April.

Yes: Pink flies are still in vogue. Pink, Hot spot Jigs, Firebeads, Ninch’s Bubble Yum, Sow bugs, Pink sow Bugs, Amex, Ray Charles in Pink, Beaded Pink Ray Charles with Pink Beads, worms, Rainbow Czech’s, Pink Mop Flies.

Yes: Other colors? A few. But many of the fellers using the net in their boat are staying with the spring seasonal flavors. You can experiment in the summer. In the winter/spring sessions stay true to the bugs that produce.

No: Fishing that kick ass sexy water on the left banks that is quickly moving. Don’t do it. Fish the soft insides only if you are a nymph fisher. The bottom ends of soft runs with some depth. Only if you want to catch them. If you are sight seeing, drift all the fun water. Again…you can experiment in the summer months. Now, fish the water with fish living and feeding in it. You know, the fishy waters.

Yes: If you are tossing the streamer fly, fish towards the bank. On the soft sides. You can for kicks, fish some of the faster stuff. Like the barely moving faster stuff. And yes, you should buy a new streamer line from Headhunters. Or try an add-on sink tip or a sinking leader. Try something new this year. Add some tools to your box. You are never too old, or young, to catch more fish. Use that overpriced net on the floor of your drifter, your raft, your personal floaty.

Yes: You can fish a nymph towards the bank if you are rigged properly. In that deeper bank side waters, again slower paced waters, you can toss a shorter rigged nymph rig. Toss it into the brushy tree laden areas and have your fly box ready. Because you will lose some flies. A bigger attractor, wire worm, up top, with a pink blinger tied from the shank. Could work.

No: Not too much mud coming from the tributaries. Fishing all the way to Cascade. Although most of the pressure is up top. You like solace? Head lower. The catch rates have not been as consistent on the lower half of the river. Although if you like the streamer game, you may consider it. Less pressure from guide boats coaching the banks fishing inside out lines.

Yes: Food on the Mo. Shotgun Annies open 7 days a week for dinner. Most breakfasts. I do hear that the Microwave Shack across the street from HH will open this year. When? Don’t know. Mo River Eats for river lunches delivered to HH daily. TS Cafe? No word on the opener yet. Izaak’s open Wednesday thru Sunday 4-9pm. Joe’s Bar? Daily for frozen pizza, microwaved dogs. And, pickled eggs and gizzards. Made in 1992…hey, they’re still good.

Yes: Water temps nearing 40F. Much more active trout as we move up the Fahrenheit scale. 42F is the first BWO temp. We are looking forward to their emergence! It is later this month.

Yes: Good weather this week. Sunshine.

Yes: Good weather and wind. Looks like wind all week long with wind speeds from the W and SW and WNW at 10-25mph. Normal.

Yes: New spring products all over the Headhunters shop. Flies galore, new SIMMS, Costa, Smith, sunscreen, fishing licenses, killer HH Logo Wear, stickers, fly lines, rods, socks, gloves, and everything you will need for your Missouri River excursion. Your cool fishing product leader in Craig.

Yes: Open daily 8-7. Shuttles. Coffee. Trips. Free information. Friendly faces. Smiles. Fishing. All good man.

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