Monday Morning Fishing Report June 5th

Monday Morning Fishing Report June 5th

Monday Morning Fishing Report June 5th

Well into June and we are pretty revved up. The dry fly game is taking shape. The bugs are coming on strong. It’s June man. We have arrived.

Bust coming up in the coming weeks. Mega busy. May not have too much luck finding a guid e if that is something you desire. They book a year in advance for the month of June. We have a few swiss cheese holes but not too many.

Housing? Bring your tent.

A good time to fish for sure. Try doing anything beyond what the masses are doing. Just a suggestion.

Don’t expect solace out there. It can be a shit show.

Monday Morning Fishing Report June 5thThe water will drop at the end of the month. Unless it rains. We will have the water forecast for the month of June later this afternoon. Actually should see it today, but I will be on the water. Braden may report mid-day.

PMD’s lower in the river. Mid Canon and beyond. Bugs moving uphill.

Water should remain at or above the 8K mark. So get used to that figure. But it may go upwards.

Spinners, cripples, emergers. Anything with CDC, poly, or biots. It should work. Come by Headhunters and check out the river leading PMD pattern selection that 7wt. has dreamed up. You need cripples to get through the battle. Some Half Dun Hatching patterns too. Transitional Duns, Trapped Duns…  oh the humanity of the PMD conundrum.

Not here yet. So get you fill before they turn into little bitches. The trouts that is.

Monday Morning Fishing Report June 5thNymphing? Pretty killer. But many are changing their focus and looking at the dry. Dry Dropper is OK too. Need help? Stop in to the education shop in Craig with the title that starts with a capital H.

H is for Help. or Hello!

Call us anytime for advice, fly suggestions, shuttles, mind reading, retail phone therapy, as a sounding board for Craig Montana vacation ideas…7am daily. Earlier very soon.

Yep. We hang around til at least 9pm nightly too.

Welcome to June my fishy friends.

Free WiFi, cell service, Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) FREE BOAT WASH, benches, and fellowship.

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  • Tom Dickson
    June 5, 2017 8:51 pm

    “…oh the humanity of the PMD conundrum”

    I love that. Mark, you crack me up.

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