October and November Missouri River Flies

October and November Missouri River Flies

Flies for the weeks ahead on Montana’s Missouri River.

As I mentioned in a previous post, lots of out of work guides and industry folks around as they pop on over for a visit to their favorite river the Missouri.

What do they do when they get here? Streamer fish mostly. Some dry fly stuff when it presents itself, but mostly streamer chuckin’.

The above flies include the old SJW, Micro Mays, Anato-Mays, Pearl Lightening Bugs, BWO CDC Bubblebacks, S & M’s, Pink LB’s, Zebra Midge, BH Softies, Czech Nymphs, FB Sows, Ray Charles, Tailwater Sows for the nymph end.

For the Dry fly anglers we love Parachute Adams, CDC Comparadun, Cluster Midge, CDC Hanging Midge, Harrop’s CDC Cripples, Smoke Jumpers, Black and Grey Posted Nymen’s Cripples, CDC BWO Spinners, Hi-Viz CDC Para Spinners, RS2’s, CDC Emergers and the like.


October and November Missouri River Flies
Headhunters is your Streamer Store in Craig.

The streamer guys are strong this week and next. Toss it ramp to ramp. Flies that have been really popular this last week and for the future include Home Invaders, Urchins in white, Halloween, JJ’s, Arnold’s Mozurri Minnow, Fire Eyed Kreelex, Slumpbuster’s, Copper Zonkers, Mico Zonkers, Clous-A-Bou’s in tan, white, black, olive, black buggers…

The R2R is still hot with all 3 flavors of Skiddish Smolt still selling well. We have bins full of Kreelex flavors, Dalai Lama’s, Galloup’s patterns, leeches.

We have a bundle of new hot fly lines to allow the streamer junkie in you come out! The RIO Outbound Short with it’s 15′ tip is our favorite but many like the RIO Streamer Tip with a 10′ clear intermediate tip.

Headhunters is also your 2 Handed Spey Line HQ here on the Mo. We’ve got demo rods as well. Stop in anytime and we will point you in a direction…what direction?

Open daily 8-6 for your shuttle, fly, and lodging needs.

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