The Sun Sets on 2016 Final Fishing Report

The Sun Sets on 2016 Final Fishing Report

The Sun Sets on 2016 Final Fishing Report

The last day of the year. 2016 has been a good ride.

2016 Review

Normal water levels again with out the weed infestation of the recent couple years.

The year in review? Here it is in a few short sentences. A warm winter allowed us to fish a bunch in the beginning of ’16. Not a great midge hatch. But enough to keep us somewhat entertained until the spring BWO’s arrived. A good bite on the baetis as they hatched until the beginning of June. A short but sweet March Brown in mid-May. The spring Mother’s Day Caddis not too good. The caddis overall not too good. Anemic summer hatches of any of the Trichoptera species. Drakes? Short, about average. Trico’s pretty damn good. Went 12 weeks again. A longer cycle made up for the lack of caddis. PMD’s? Decent but hatch duration shorter than we would like. Hopper bite? Average. Yellow Sally’s? Nope. Not good. Fall BWO’s did not come. The little cousin Pseudo was decent. OK water levels all year long.

There it is. The hatches in the rear view mirror. The year ahead? We hope we get the caddis back. That would be terrific. It is what I wished for from Santa. Water is key for us. 2017 is headed the right direction. Bring on the snow. Now and later. Spring midges would be cool too. Fall BWO’s come on back.

Nymphing? Always good. The fishing is good to great with the subsurface game. Sows and scuds continue to increase in numbers.

The Trout Spey contingent continues to grow on the Missouri River. Lots of swingers. We like swinging the fly.

Pressure? Less than the past couple years. A really nice summer overall. The weed volume was certainly down. Way down. Fewer anglers along with fewer weeds. Some bugs better than average, some below average. Mother Nature witnessed highs and lows. Cycles. All a part of the master plan. The evolution of a river. A roller coaster ride for sure.

Where will happen this coming year? We will have to experience it firsthand…we for one are excited about the future here in Craig.

The Last 2016 Fishing Report

Swung up a few the past couple days. Black leeches and white Zonkers. Kreelex fishing well per usual. A few swingers around this past few days as the air temps became bearable.

The nymphers have been all over the pink fly. As HH Guide Shane said after his guide trip Thursday…”The trout like any fly, as long as it’s Pink!” Split shot or not. Lead the bobber with your line keeping it on the the taut side as opposed to summer style with lots of sloppy slack out there on the water.

Fishing well from the dam to Prewitt Creek. Shane fished the canyon with success focusing on the inside soft water lanes in 5+’ of water. And Pink.

The weather the coming week and a half will be too cold for much angling. The water temps will probably dip too. At 35F-ish today this is not a great deal for fishing. We will have to tie flies and clean our gear prepping for the coming year as opposed to standing knee deep in frigid waters.

Looking to 2017!

We will be busy at the shop booking trips for the 2017 season. Open daily 8-5pm.

Happy New Year. Enjoy the day as the sun sets on 2016!


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