Tuesday Fly Casting Tactics w/ Simon Gawesworth

Tuesday Fly Casting Tactics w/ Simon Gawesworth

A great tip from Simon Gawesworth fo RIO Line Company today. Tuesday here in Craig and all is well.

The fly shop staff is out on the casting lane often fine tuning personal casting issues. Should they be out there more often? Well I won’t criticize here on this blog. What I do know is that you cannot fine tune all of the casting changes you personally need to make while fishing.

Casting issues, changing your cast, improving your overall effectiveness with a fly rod in hand takes time. That time is now. That time is not with fly rod in hand casting at difficult bank feeders. In July. No, that is not the time to learn, that is the time to execute.

So a heads up, as I always remind you this time of year, is to practice now. Make those changes now.

Changes take time. It does not happen rapidly. It happens over lots of casting sessions.

The key to success on any of these learning objectives is to do lots of mini sessions. Do not try to do hour long marathons. Nope. Short 5-10 minute sessions will allow you to advance quicker. Long overdrawn exhaustive learning sessions are not smart. Regression will happen!

Get your practice rod out and get going. January is the time to begin the improvements.

I practice with the fly line I will be using to take it to the next level when I get to the “Show!” So I use the Headhunter Fly Line during practice on the lawn, with hoops for targets, to gain accuracy. First cast is the best cast, and the winter months is when and where you develop those skills.

Headhunters Guides including me, Squeaky Oar Lock, are available for casting lessons any time of the year. Call the shop today and get your casting lessons set up this spring!

Be better in 2021!

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