Water Levels This Week

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Water levels on the rise. December 29th. Quite normal for a move of this type in the water months trying to alleviate any actor ice on the bottom o’ the river.

How much? Actual rise will be about 1″-2″.

Weather cold, blowing, quite uncomfortable. At least today, the day after Christmas. Looks like hi’s just tipping over 40F and lows in the 20’s for the week ahead.




Elevation: 3790.14 Storage: 1,656,272 acre-feet; River Release: 4,300 cfs; Inflow: 3,950 cfs

Releases from Canyon Ferry Dam are being increased in coordination with NorthWestern
Energy. The following operational changes are required at Canyon Ferry Dam and

At 0800 hour on Friday, December 29, 2023:

Increase releases through the river outlet gates to ≈ 1,900 cfs.
Maintain releases through the spillway gates at 0 cfs.
Maintain turbine releases at ≈ 2,800 cfs ( ≈ 33.0 MW-Hrs/hr).
Maintain releases for Helena Valley Project at 0 cfs.
Increase releases to the Missouri River to 4,700 cfs.
Increase releases from Canyon Ferry to 4,700 cfs.
*maximize turbine releases and adjust river outlet gates as needed up to 2,000 cfs.


Water LEvels
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  • Something on general views/strategies of MO river guides on dry or emerger fly selection tactics for the MO and what drives these picks? This would be interesting with good presentation being the constant in any set up. Are flies picked based on using more general, workhorse pattern styles that you know are “close enough” to trigger strikes or do flies on this river need to be more imitative, specific to a given hatch ( aka hatch matching strategy, heavy on selectivity, ect… ?). Are hatch matching approaches required to trigger strikes? Might help some anglers see a new perspective for the Missouri.

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