Sparrow Fly Tying Video Just Add Vise

Sparrow Fly Tying Video Just Add Vise

This pattern, the Sparrow, is a big player in the fall and winter here on the Mo. A true classic as Jack Gartside was the first one to come up with this pattern.

This Jack Gartside pattern has fooled tons of fish. While fresh patterns will catch not only our eyes but the trout out there, classic patterns like the Sparrow never fall from style. So many of the current fly patterns incorporate flashy tunnel like synthetics. Not the Gartside Sparrow. Just the like the most classic of streamer patterns, ie Woolly Bugger, this fly hangs onto fame without contemporary bling.

Enjoy your Tuesday. Cooler weather this week on the Mighty Mo and central Montana. Hi’s in the mid 70’s with nighttime lows in the mid 40’s. Fishing will just get better as the water temps cool. Rain expected I. large amounts this weekend with much cooler weather in the ten cay forecast.

Flows int eh mid 4K’s with water temps near the 60F mark. They will decline over the next moth for sure. Enjoy the oncoming fall!

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